Top 5 Best Mac Cleaner to Clean Your Mac

In this article you will find several programs which are capable of helping you to clean your Mac. There are free and paid options with a variety of tools. It has the well-known MacBooster and also lesser known but it is very good programs, like EaseUS CleanGenius. Check it out and choose the option that best mac cleaner your needs!



MacBooster is an application for OS X that allows you to perform various tasks of security, maintenance and cleaning on Mac. With it, you can remove garbage, improve performance, increase boot speed and delete files permanently. You can also find duplicate files, remove malware, and free up disk space or computer memory.

The program has several tools that help to make the system lighter, cleaner and safer, and it is the variety and the simplicity of the options, which are the greatest merit of MacBooster.

In the cleaning functions, it is worth mentioning the one that allows to remove trash generated by iTunes. In it, the program removes even things you never imagined existed.

Another important cleanup is that finds repeated pictures and leaves only one in the system in order to saving space and eliminating unnecessary images.

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CCleaner is a program for Windows, Mac OS and for Android which performs cleaning of unnecessary files stored on the computer or mobile phone. Both in traditional versions (professional and free), portable or mobile, the main purpose of the application is unique: free space on the hard disk. This will allow you to store more documents, music, photos and videos in HD. CCleaner is free, but also it has a paid version.

When downloading CCleaner, the user acquires a tool that promises to put an end to the installation log files, browsing history and cookies, which over time can leave the PC slow and unstable. The application also has a feature that allows you to program the time you prefer to clean your device. To make it even easier for you, here’s how to configure CCleaner to schedule automatic cleanups.

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With the time of using the Mac, it starts to accumulate many unnecessary files that take up hard disk space. This storage ultimately slows down overall system throughput and performance.

CleanMyMac is an ideal tool to remove these files and leave the Mac OS running perfectly. The interface of the program is quite simple so that anyone can use it.

With this software, you can select which files to remove from the following categories: Cache files, Logs, Languages, and Universal Binaries.

CleanMyMac is the wonderful Mac cleaner. It allows you to clean up and speed up Mac, maintain and optimize your Mac computer with simple clicks. Try it now!

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EaseUS CleanGenius


EaseUS CleanGenius is the software that contains several tools which is capable of performing cleaning and maintenance on Windows and Mac OS computers. Through this software, users can get complete information about the computer, such as the amount of RAM used, and completely erase applications without leaving any trace.

With the “Fast Clean” option, CleanGenius performs a search for unnecessary files on the system and in the temporary files and application logs. With this tool, the user will access to the items in the bin to perform a thorough cleaning. All this, you just make a few clicks.

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As time goes by, the computer starts to store files that you do not need and that end up hampering its performance.

MacKeeper is responsible for cleaning your computer, deleting those files you do not need, but also other useful tools. It is divided into three areas: cleaners, tools and services.

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