Top 6 Best Photo Editing Software for Mac/PC 2017

If you need to edit your photos in detail, you will need a powerful program that fits your needs. We’ve put together the best software for editing photos, In this way, you can choose the most appropriate.

Replace an object in the image, create complex photomontages, overlap on different levels: the needs of those looking for a program to edit photos are disparate and It is a big problem to often find the right software.

There are some big names in the industry such as Photoshop, there are also strong competitors, who may be better to suit to perform the function you need, but usually less people know them.

The top of the top: Adobe Photoshop


Who has not heard Photoshop? I think most people do not need presentation. The verb photoxopado is synonymous to edit a photo, and almost replaced “make an assembly”. The CC version, the spearhead of the Adobe software suite, is the one most used for photo editing by professionals.

With a multitude of features and tools, Photoshop lets you do what you want with an image. In addition to the power of the tool, it is the primary layer function (or layer), which allows you to edit complex graphs that work with individual elements. Of course, this is not software for everyone and it requires a lot of practice to master it.

In addition, the cost is very high, so you may want to consider the smaller version of the program called Photoshop Elements, it is available for Windows and Mac.

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The open source solution: GIMP


The acronym that comes from the GNU Image Manipulation Program is the most complete free solution for image editing. GIMP is an open source program, it has become a software that can compete with Adobe, here thanks to the active community of users and developers.

GIMP is powerful and allows you to work with a wide range of different formats, as well as working in layers, such as Photoshop. It has several plugins at its side, but the use is more complicated than many other programs and the functions are not automated.

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Professional Photo Editing: Lightroom


Developed by Adobe, Lightroom is a program specialized in photo retouching. The program does not include Photoshop’s extra tools and focuses on those closely related to photography.

Even so, Lightroom is a limited program in fact. The tools available are professional and intuitive at the same time making it an ideal tool for improving and correcting images.

The ability that to create video thumbnails, albums or books to print and share in digital format makes it a daily use program for any photographer.

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The product that has matured over the years: ACDSee Pro


ACDSee is a traditional photo retouching product that has gone through less bright periods, but that has been back the spotlight in recent editions. It is indicated mainly for professionals in the field of photography, the tools, the speed of image processing, and also the cost of the product.

As it is the case with Photoshop of the Express version, this software also has two other versions for semi-professional or amateur photographers called ACDSee and ACDSee Photo Editor (which does not include image management functions).

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The Windows solution: Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is offered as an (cheaper) alternative to Adobe Photoshop and it is not as a replacement for Lightroom and ACDSee Pro – so you should use Corel AfterShot Pro.

The spectrum of options is broad and rich, and allows you to work with vector graphics. Corel is the ideal solution if you want a very complete program at lower prices than other competitors.

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The solution for Mac: Pixelmator

The unique solution for Apple users presents itself more intuitive and economical than Photoshop. The main tools of the Adobe program are, in fact, all present, and also simplified, and present in a pleasant interface.

If you need to do many advanced operations, Pixelmator will not be a sufficient replacement, but if your retouching needs are not many and you are looking for an affordable solution, Pixelmator is the right program for you.

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Edit photos, not just for professionals

As we said, these tools are designed for photo professionals and are not suitable for everyone. They often have very advanced and unnecessary functions, unless you have hours available to study the programs before.

With new smartphone models dating every month, built-in cameras, screen sizes and installed hardware, these functions are increasingly improving to make these substitutes available for traditional reflex cameras and computers for many of us.

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